• Meinhold Family Practice

We are an MDVIP-affiliated practice utilizing the MDVIP Wellness Program to prevent little things from becoming big things…enabling patients to enjoy life and stay healthy.

Patients who truly value their health will appreciate having an enhanced doctor-patient relationship. Our MDVIP-affiliated practice has fewer patients so we have more time to work closely with you. Within our smaller practice, you will receive the comprehensive care and personalized service you deserve to keep you healthy.

Dr. Meinhold has extensive experience in a broad range of medical areas including preventive medicine, acute illness, disease management and women’s health. 


If your visit requires the additional attention of a specialist, we will be happy to facilitate the referral process with your insurance company. Through MDVIP, we also can facilitate streamlined scheduling a the Medical Centers of Excellence that  we can utilize for a second medical opinion if needed. These facilities are MD Anderson, Cleveland Clinic, Beth Israel, Mayo Clinic and many more top medical facilities.

With the help of an excellent and personable staff, we offer the full range of medical care for patients 18 years and older .We take pride in knowing each and every one of our patients within our MDVIP-affiliated practice.